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Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Costa Rica by the Numbers

An Optimal Nearshore Destination

Over the past few years, Costa Rica has emerged as a prominent player in the global marketplace. As businesses look to expand and invest in new regions, Costa Rica has positioned itself as a compelling destination. Let's dive into the numbers to understand why.

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  1. Human Capital:
    • Literacy Rate: Costa Rica boasts an impressive literacy rate of approximately 97.8%. A well-educated workforce means a quick transition into complex job roles and lesser training costs.
    • Bilingual Population: Nearly 10-15% of Costa Ricans are bilingual, primarily in English and Spanish, making it easier for international companies to integrate their operations seamlessly.
  2. Economic Indicators:
    • GDP Growth: With a GDP growth rate of around 3.2% in recent years, Costa Rica's economy demonstrates stability and steady growth potential.
    • Exports: The country's robust export market, valued at around $11 billion, reveals its integration with global supply chains.
  3. Strategic Location:
    • Time Zone: Located in the Central Time Zone, Costa Rica offers synchronous working hours with many North American companies, making collaboration easier.
    • Accessibility: Major cities in North America and Europe are accessible via direct flights, making business travel convenient.
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Connectivity: Costa Rica has invested heavily in improving its internet infrastructure. As of recent data, over 88% of the population has internet access, ensuring that businesses can maintain robust digital operations.
    • Free Trade Zones: Costa Rica has established several Free Trade Zones (FTZs) that offer tax incentives and exemptions, catering to over 300 multinational companies.
  5. Business Environment:
    • Ease of Doing Business: According to the World Bank, Costa Rica ranks high in ease of doing business, showcasing its pro-business policies and streamlined processes.
    • Intellectual Property: Costa Rica's adherence to international IP laws offers assurance to companies looking to innovate and protect their intellectual assets.
  6. Environmental Sustainability:
    • Renewable Energy: Over 98% of Costa Rica's electricity is generated from renewable sources, reducing carbon footprints for businesses and aligning with global sustainability goals.
    • Carbon Neutrality: Costa Rica aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, making it a leading nation in environmental initiatives.
  7. Cultural Vibrancy:
    • Work-Life Balance: Costa Ricans, or ″Ticos″, are known for their pura vida lifestyle, emphasizing happiness, well-being, and balance, which can contribute to a positive work environment.
    • Cultural Exchange: Hosting a blend of indigenous, European, and other cultures, Costa Rica offers a rich cultural tapestry that can enhance team building and collaboration.
  8. Safety and Stability:
    • Political Climate: With a history of stable democracy and no standing army since 1948, Costa Rica is a beacon of peace in the region.
    • Healthcare: The nation's healthcare system ranks high globally, ensuring employee well-being and reducing health-related business interruptions.

In conclusion, the numbers speak for themselves. Costa Rica's blend of human talent, economic vigor, strategic location, and commitment to sustainability makes it a prime location for businesses looking to expand internationally. Whether you're a tech startup, a manufacturing giant, or a services conglomerate, Costa Rica offers a conducive environment that can align with your company's vision and growth strategy.

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